Requirements to make Your Pc Android Using Phoenix OS

Want to Create an Android PC ?

It is simple. Phoenix OS, dependent on the Android-x86 undertaking, may install Android onto a desktop (or laptop). However, the downside will not run the complete version of the Chrome browser (Chrome is quick). That is, after all, even a cell operating system.
Caution: The instructions within this manual will OVERWRITE your hard drive. While Phoenix OS may put in at dual-boot settings, I do not suggest it since dual-booting can create difficulties with the two operating systems.

Android PC With Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS feels and looks much like the currently unsupported Remix OS. It is GPL-2.0 compliant and installs on a lot of distinct sorts of x86-based hardware. (if you’re able to set up Linux to a particular computer, you are likely to set up Phoenix OS.)
Phoenix OS also has enhancements to Android, like mechanically preventing apps from operating in the backdrop. Along with velocity, the OS also receives periodic upgrades. These features have led to its current growth in popularity. A couple of China-only hardware businesses release pills and mini pcs using Phoenix OS because of its principal operating system — for instance, the Pipo P10 2-in-1 tablet computer.So before doing any thing you should do phoenix os download for pc because having the Os images is the first and most important thing there are two version one is 32 bit & second one is 64 bit.

Phoenix OS

Not many hardware is (completely ) compatible with Phoenix OS. In a lot of ways, it suffers from precisely the same flaws and flaws as Linux: specifically, it will not work with hardware. And when it does function, it is going to lack specific features, such as sound via an HDMI connection.
Instead, you can check Phoenix OS from inside a virtual server, for example, VMware or even VirtualBox. The Phoenix OS images for the two are located at

Requirements for Installing Phoenix OS
Phoenix OS Hardware Requirements
Phoenix OS merely needs an Intel or AMD x86 chip (Intel Atom advocated ) and inner storage with 2GB of distance. I suggest using 16GB drives. To be able to set up Phoenix OS, then you’ll require a USB drive at least 8GB of storage.


• 2GB storage drive
• Intel or AMD chip made about 2012 or preferably an Intel Atom chip
• An 8GB or larger USB flash drive (such as Phoenix OS)
• A 512MB or larger USB flash drive (such as GParted)
• A Distinct computer to prepare the USB flash drives

UEFI or BIOS Motherboards?

Mature computers (2010 or elderly ) mostly utilize Fundamental Input/Output System (BIOS) as a Power On Self Test (POST) environment. Thus, what does this mean?
A BIOS permits computers to begin with no operating system. Newer computers replace BIOS using a thing known as a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), which can be stronger in contrast to the elderly scheme. Regrettably, Phoenix OS does not play nice with UEFI systems. And that needs upgrading your UEFI to operate with a non-Windows operating system (see step three below.)