How to factory reset HP Laptop

Is your laptop not working well? Or you just want to clean your entire laptop or whatever the case might be you would always say “How can I just reset my Laptop?” Well in this article I’m going to tell you how to factory reset an HP laptop so that your laptop is clean as it came from the factory just now. I’m going to be sharing two ways of doing this one way is the simple one where you can get access to your laptop and the other way is when you cannot get access to your laptop maybe it’s stuck after etc.There are a lot of questions about which laptop is best.There are many types of laptops but after researching our team has found that 2 in 1 laptops are the best.There are many 2 in 1 laptops but choosing the best is difficult so we recommend you taking a look at

Method# 1:

  • First you have to click in the search bar present in the bottom left and search “Reset”.
  • So under system settings “Reset this PC” will come up and click on that because that will open up your system settings.
  • In the first option your laptop will tell you if you want to reset “Get Started” so click on that.
  • Your laptop will give you two options to choose from one option is to “Keep my files” and the next option is to “Remove everything”.
  • Please keep in mind that this is the most crucial decision you have to make in this process so think about it wisely.
  • The “Keep my files” option is going to keep your files but is less effective in terms of cleaning your laptop and the other option “Remove everything” is going to remove everything but is going to be more effective in cleaning your laptop so keep that in mind.

HP Laptop

Method# 2:

  • If your laptop is not working or if it’s stuck then what you have to do is restart or shutdown and start your laptop.
  • So as your laptop has power before even being operational just start pressing F11 right away.
  • Then keep pressing it until untill“F11…System Recovery” pops up in the bottom left corner and the laptops starts.
  • It will then show you four options but you’ll have to choose the “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Then it will again give you two options you’ll choose “Reset my PC” then it will again ask if you want to choose “Keep my files” or “Remove everything”.
  • After that, it will again give you two options “Just remove my files” or “Fully clean the drive”.
  • Now if you want to reset because of virus or operating system issues then you’ll have to choose “Fully clean the drive” but if you just want to remove all the files then select “Just remove my files” option.
  • Keep in mind “Fully clean the drive” option will take longer than “Just remove my files” option but it will be more effective than “Just remove my files” option.


Resetting the laptop is a great option if we want our laptop to come out as “Factory fresh” again. This will not only keep it free from viruses but also help the device to keep working for as long as possible so that we can work comfortably without any problems in the system.