How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC/Laptop?

Gamers searching for the best method of playing PUBG Mobile on their laptops or PCs are Super Easy Steps to Free Download PUBG ON PC/Laptop. Guaranteed, you are gonna play PUBG. There’re a lot of people who love playing this game, and if you’re also one of them, then you\ll clearly desire to play this game on the PC. A lot of individuals are used to playing games on mobile, but they are now bored of this practice and want to play different android games on PC, but they got the wrong way of downloading the games. In this guide, you’ll download PUBG on your computer in a more natural manner.

What’s Gameloop Or Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Gameloop is an Android emulator created by Tencent to assist you in playing the international PUBG comfortably. This emulator comes with a full-featured pack that allows you to control PUBG according to the preference, even if you can boost your game according to the PC. The majority of well-liked gamers advise the users to play PUBG Mobile with Tencent.

About one hundred players reach onto a remote island through parachutes for the victor-takes-all showdown. Player needs to find and scavenge their own vehicles, weapons, and supplies and defeat all the other players in a tactically and graphically rich battlefield that forces you into a shrinking play zone. Prepare for land looting, do whatever it takes for surviving and be the final man standing.

PUBG mobile

How Can You Play PUBGM On Laptop/PC For Free? 

Before beginning, the data needed for downloading the PUBG mobile game on a computer is 9.2MB data for downloading the Gameloop emulator and about two GB for downloading the game itself inside your emulator.

NOTE: Previously, it needed 8.7MB for downloading the emulator and about 1.4GB for downloading your game. Now size has been increased because of the constant PUBG updates and be ready with about three to four GB of data for downloading the PUBG mobile game on computer for free.

  • First, download the official Gameloop or Tencent gaming buddy from the official website. There’re a lot of fakes available on the internet, so make certain that you have downloaded the official version.
  • Now, open the downloaded execution file of the program and click Install. It’ll start downloading different files into the computer.
  • After the installation, click on start. It’ll launch the emulator store.
  • Here you have to click PUBG mobile. After clicking that, you have to click Install from the bottom side. After that, it’ll start the downloading process. Now you have to wait until it completes.
  • After that, it’ll load your game automatically and start the engine.
  • Now, simply sign in with the Id and start playing the PUBG Mobile game on your computer for free with about the same graphics as PUBG PC, but it is much simpler on an emulator because there’s very little recoil as compared to the PUBG PC.

It’s the official and simplest method of downloading the PUBG mobile on the computer for free. You do not need to change anything; you can just start playing the game, although you can change the game and emulator setting for better performance and graphics.

How To Create UEFI Bootable USB Drive For Windows 10?

In this post, we are going to show you how you can make a UEFI USB Bootable for Win 10. Making USB bootable for Win 10 is as simple as making bootable USB for Win 7 or Win 8. You can make a bootable USB of Win 10 in a lot of different ways, such as Powershell, Diskpart utility, Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, Rufus, and a lot of other 3rd-party programs. Here, in this guide is about Creating UEFI Bootable USB Drive For Windows 10, we are gonna show you how you can create a bootable USB for windows 10 using Rufus and Media Creation Tool.

UEFI Bootable USB Of Windows 10 Utilizing Rufus:

  • First of all, rufus download from any reliable source. Rufus is a portable app and hence does not need any installation.
  • Then, connect the eight GB+ USB stick to the computer. Be certain to back up all of your important data from the USB disk.
  • Now, run the Rufus app > click on Yes when you see the User Account Control prompt for opening the program.
  • Under the Device part, choose the USB disk that you desire to make bootable, choose MBR partition scheme for UEFI or BIOS PCs, or GPT partition scheme for UEFI PC relying on the partition type on the computer.
  • Next, choose the File system as default FAT32 as it can support both UEFI and BIOS. But if you are certain that the computer does not support UEFI, you can select NTFS for a quicker installation.
  • Enter the volume label > click on the CD/DVD icon for browsing to the Win 10 ISO file > choose the file.
  • Finally, click on the Start button > click OK when you see a warning dialog for continuing the job.

Once the Rufus app finishes its job, you will see the Done message. That is it! You can now launch the UEFI settings and make essential changes for booting from the USB flash drive.

USB Drive

Create Win 10 Bootable USB Through The Media Creation Tool:

The official program of Microsoft for making the ISO images and installation media with Win 10 is the Media Creation Tool.

  • First of all, run the .exe file of the Media Creation Tool.
  • Then, choose Create installation media (DVD, USB drive, or ISO file) for some other computer);
  • Next, choose the edition, language, and architecture of the Win 10 image that you desire to write to your USB stick.
  • After that, choose that you desire to write the image to your USB stick.
  • Choose the flash drive from the list of USB drives and removable devices.
  • That is all. Now, click on Next > click on Finish and wait until the installation file of Windows 10 is written to your USB flash drive. In such a case, all the data on your USB stick will be permanently removed throughout formatting. The USB stick can be utilized for booting on both BIOS and UEFI PCs.

How to factory reset HP Laptop

Is your laptop not working well? Or you just want to clean your entire laptop or whatever the case might be you would always say “How can I just reset my Laptop?” Well in this article I’m going to tell you how to factory reset an HP laptop so that your laptop is clean as it came from the factory just now. I’m going to be sharing two ways of doing this one way is the simple one where you can get access to your laptop and the other way is when you cannot get access to your laptop maybe it’s stuck after etc.There are a lot of questions about which laptop is best.There are many types of laptops but after researching our team has found that 2 in 1 laptops are the best.There are many 2 in 1 laptops but choosing the best is difficult so we recommend you taking a look at

Method# 1:

  • First you have to click in the search bar present in the bottom left and search “Reset”.
  • So under system settings “Reset this PC” will come up and click on that because that will open up your system settings.
  • In the first option your laptop will tell you if you want to reset “Get Started” so click on that.
  • Your laptop will give you two options to choose from one option is to “Keep my files” and the next option is to “Remove everything”.
  • Please keep in mind that this is the most crucial decision you have to make in this process so think about it wisely.
  • The “Keep my files” option is going to keep your files but is less effective in terms of cleaning your laptop and the other option “Remove everything” is going to remove everything but is going to be more effective in cleaning your laptop so keep that in mind.

HP Laptop

Method# 2:

  • If your laptop is not working or if it’s stuck then what you have to do is restart or shutdown and start your laptop.
  • So as your laptop has power before even being operational just start pressing F11 right away.
  • Then keep pressing it until untill“F11…System Recovery” pops up in the bottom left corner and the laptops starts.
  • It will then show you four options but you’ll have to choose the “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Then it will again give you two options you’ll choose “Reset my PC” then it will again ask if you want to choose “Keep my files” or “Remove everything”.
  • After that, it will again give you two options “Just remove my files” or “Fully clean the drive”.
  • Now if you want to reset because of virus or operating system issues then you’ll have to choose “Fully clean the drive” but if you just want to remove all the files then select “Just remove my files” option.
  • Keep in mind “Fully clean the drive” option will take longer than “Just remove my files” option but it will be more effective than “Just remove my files” option.


Resetting the laptop is a great option if we want our laptop to come out as “Factory fresh” again. This will not only keep it free from viruses but also help the device to keep working for as long as possible so that we can work comfortably without any problems in the system.

9 Common Windows Issues and Their Solutions

Windows is among the most user-friendly operating system Created by Microsoft till date. It’s used by people all around the world and can be among the most recommended and valued operating systems. Windows can also be a set of numerous graphic system and all these are being marketed and promoted by Microsoft just. Since its beginning window has caught the 90 percent of this market share and it’s still racing forward in the contest.

However, no doubt only Like many other specialized matters windows has even got its share of issues. There are several problems in windows that a person faces and so here we must solve the same for you. Let us have a peek at a few of the most typical and frequently seen problems in windows and also what are different strategies to mend them. An important thing to be mentioned here is that every one of the solutions to those problems is rather fundamental and doesn’t call for any particular technical knowledge. Let us take a look at the problems in windows —

9 Common Windows Issues

1. File Back Up — This can be Among the most often encountered problems in windows. In case you’ve observed your desktop computer is hanging then you have to go to get a document back to prevent any last-minute crises. You can do the document back up in any external device or you may even choose the start button, then click controller panel˃ System and upkeep ˃ Backup and Restore. In the event you haven’t ever completed a backup then you have to click Set Up backup and follow the directions accordingly. In the event you’ve produced a backup ahead then the system will inform you if your scheduled backup may happen. Aside from that, you can even manually start your backup when you prefer.

2. Tiworker.exe Windows Modules Installer Worker High Cpu – It is really a Windows Update Service which actively seeks fresh updates and supports it into your computer. To put it differently, as soon as your computer’s system is assessing for Windows update or installing any update, this process will probably soon be running mechanically.

3. Update Issues — One of the most frequent problems which nearly all of the windows users confront is your update issues. Every 2-3 years now, all of us wish to update our older windows to the most recent system. One of the simplest ways to conduct updates on your computer would be to start controller panel ˃ run window update and your PC will probably be updated. Oftentimes when you attempt and update your windows you will get windows to update error 0x80070057. This error suggests that the update has failed and there is much different reason why it’s occurred. You have to purge it.

4. Antimalware Service Executable – You will know Windows Defender on your Windows, it is an antivirus software built in Windows 10. Antimalware Service Executable is among those background-running providers in Windows Defender. Additionally, it is referred to as MsMpEng.exe, you also will locate that on the Details tab on your Task Manager.

5. Internet Connection Unstable — It could be the case in which you’re trying advertisements to link your PC to the net but you’re unable to achieve that. It may happen due to a few hardware or spyware disease is eliminated or perhaps you’ve got uninstalled certain antivirus solutions. In this situation what you have to do is you ought to set up windows Winsock communicating software and follow all of the directions provided in the magician.

6. Start Menu Maybe Not Working — Start menu is a fast guide to your windows and also a few instances when it stops functioning then you do not understand how to live. Thus, don’t stress to manage the survival issues we all are here to assist you with your start menu. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and correct Click the taskbar. Select Task Manager ˃ More information. Once the same gets enlarged select run fresh task in the files Once you produce a new task dialog box available then you want to type Powershell then select make this task together with administrative privileges then finally click OK. You want to type SFC to the window and press on the yield key. Following your system circumstance, the command will require some time.

7. Windows Restore Facility — Once installing or installing a thing in case a window is acting strangely then you’re able to return to the prior arrangement wherever your windows were acting completely normally. To start with log into your windows within an administrator ˃ Start ˃ Support and Help ˃ Performance and Maintenance ˃ Utilizing System Restore To reverse changes then finally click Run the system revive magician. You may discover a welcome to system restore display in which you have to pick revive my computer to a previous time and follow the directions provided ahead.

8. Repair Installation — You may face some issues with your installation whenever you’re wanting to update or disable a number of this software. If that’s the instance you can start with creating a backup copy of your files and the following disconnect your computer from all of the networks. Restart your personal computer using all the CD provided or with the assistance of an external device. You will understand a lot of directions, you simply have to read them carefully and follow the directions given on your display.

9. Blue Screen — This can be something that we are fearful of. Whenever you see Your computer screen Has become grim also there are a few codes written around Then you will need not panic and follow along with instructions. Sometimes blue Display comes up just once you’ve installed any new software, and so that which you Have to do is instantly uninstall the same. Additionally, occasionally Blue display also happens whenever there isn’t sufficient distance, so the hour demands to make some distance. Additionally, another more powerful way to flip off the Blue display will be to conduct a fast complete scan of the system to Assess if there’s a virus or maybe not.

How to Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker High Disk

Is the Windows modules installer worker eating up a lot of Your own CPU space? Tried to get down it, but it continues to grow? If this issue continues to occur, then it could suspend your apparatus.

Fortunately, you may Fix this issue if you attempt the methods that we will reveal in this blog article. So, with no additional talks, let us proceed to the ways that you may resolve the Windows modules installer worker’s high disk usage issue.

What’s your Windows Modules Installer Worker ?

Windows modules Installer worker is an integrated tool which enables your machine to search to get Windows updates. For this function, it must utilize high disk space to initiate its center tasks.

Windows modules Installer worker runs at the background to discover bugs and fixes them inside a couple of minutes. Because of this, it might slow down the rate of your device until you fix the Windows modules installer worker high disk usage issue.

How to Repair Windows Modules Installer Worker Issue?

You will find Countless methods on the world wide web, but a few of them were not dependable enough to fix the issue. Therefore, we’ve discovered some simplest methods that you may use to repair the Windows modules installer worker high disk usage.

1. Change the Windows Updates Settings

  • Press the Windows logo+R keys at the Exact Same time.
  • This may open the Run box.
  • Look for”services.msc” and press enter.
  • This may open a new window.
  • Look for the “Windows module installer” there.
  • The moment you locate it, double-click it.
  • Find”Startup type” and change it to guide.
  • Return to the”services.msc” page.
  • Look for your”Windows Update” this time.
  • Double click it and change its startup type to manual.
  • Now, launching a control panel onto your apparatus.
  • Visit Updates & Security>Windows Upadate>Change Settings alternative.
  • Change it to”Check for Windows Update and then allow me to update manually” alternative.
  • Close all of the windows and restart your device.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

2. Perform a Clean Boot

  • Press the Windows logo button.
  • Look for “misconfig” and wait till it seems.
  • The moment it seems, click it.
  • This may open a tab.
  • Find the pick Regular Startup and press OK.
  • When it is completed, restart your device to use the changes.

3. Repair the TIWORKER.exe Program

  • Look for”Troubleshooting” from the Windows search bar.
  • The moment it seems, click it.
  • This may open a tab.
  • Click the”View All” option located on the left side.
  • Then, Start Looking for the System Maintenance alternative.
  • Click it and then it will begin discovering all of the system issues.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes until all of the technical issues start emerging.
  • When it is completed, restart your device to use the changes.

Closing Words

Well, these were the methods that you may use to repair the Windows modules installer worker high disk usage issue. I hope this guide has helped you to correct the issue. If You found this manual helpful, then discuss it with your buddies that are still Facing the identical issue. Furthermore, If you have any question, then feel free to inquire in the