Here is a collection of some of the top Buenos Aires tourist attractions and places to visit. Don’t miss a single thing and prepare yourself to discover the hot tourist spots in the City

. Buffet breakfast
. 24-hour concierge desk
. Hi-speed Wi-fi internet access
. Bilingual Staff
. Cable TV
. Individual air conditioning
. Medical Emergency 24 Hs.
. Safe deposit box
. Hair dryer
. Lounge Bar

. Refrigerator
. Laundry and dryer service
. Amenities
. Luggage storage available
. Room service
. Parking
. Corporal massage service
. Airport Transfer Service
. IDD and NDD
. Tango Classes in Buenos Aires & Milonga tours
. Argentine Football Experience

Football Experience

Enjoy a Football match in Argentina. An unforgetable experience watching the best teams like River Plate & Boca Juniors.

Tickets, Seats, transfers and guides included.

Argentina Football

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

For those of you wishing to learn Spanish whilst you are in Buenos Aires, we highly recommend the ECELA Spanish School which has a range of effective courses in varying lengths to meet every student need.

Escela spanish school Buenos Aires logo

Tango classes

Tango Classes in Buenos Aires at Rooney’s are provided for you by experienced Tango teachers, Lucia & Gerry. (TripAdvisor review link) There is a saying .. el tango siempre te espera..  literally “the tango always waits for you” meaning it’s never to late to try. The most sensual of all dances, Tango is a dance that originated in Buenos Aires in the early twentieth century. Reflecting the culture of it’s birthplace Tango is danced in a very close embrace which gives it it’s sensuousness and is much more intimate than the more modern Ballroom Tango.  For a full list of options including, group or private classes, Tango & Milonga tours please contact Lucia and Gerry directly at or call 11 3968 6627. Fluent English and Spanish spoken.

Two tango dancers in Argentina

Day Trips

Here is a collection of Buenos Aires top tourist attractions and places to visit.

Don’t miss what is worth a visit, prepare yourself to discover the best tourist spots in Buenos Aires and what Argentina can offer.