Malbec World Day Buenos Aires 17 April

Malbec World Day

Malbec World Day

17th April 2015, Wines of Argentina is the organization that, since 1993, promotes the Argentine wine brand and image worldwide through Malbec World Day, spreading knowledge of the winemaking regions of Argentina. In addition, WofA contributes to direct the country’s export strategy by studying and analyzing changing trends in consumer markets.

Lights, Camera, Malbec!

Movie making involves giving shape to audiovisual experiences, telling stories and creating atmospheres that arouse our senses. In so doing, it helps us sharpen our perception of the world. It includes various disciplines: photography, literature (script writing), music, acting and editing. It is a long process that brings in the work of a whole industry. Editing, the last stage of the process, involves a careful selection and a perfect synthesis of all the elements.

Similarly, our Malbec is also an art, because it expresses the essence of being Argentine, our character, our passion and our strong bond with the land, while it creates intimate atmospheres that strengthen our connection with people, brings in warmth and trust, and enhances our sensorial perception. And Malbec is also an industry, as it brings together the skills of our human resources and technological advances which keep on improving as time goes by.

Join us and celebrate the OPERA PRIMA of Argentina!!

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