A genuine Argentine experience

Stuck on what to do in Buenos Aires? Look no further! Experience Argentina is a destination management company that tailors your travel itinerary to your specific taste. Here are some of the activities they offer in Buenos Aires:


Cooking classes. When the world renowned chef Manuel Escalante is not busy managing his famous restaurant Tierra Negra, he gives classes in Argentine cuisine in his very own private kitchen. Learn how to make empanadas, flan or the celebrated dulce de leche, all the while getting the background history to each and one of the traditional dishes. You can count upon being served delicious wine from Mendoza and Cafayate throughout the 3 hour long session. Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity.


Learn the Tango. As the famous expression goes; it takes one class to learn it, and a lifetime to improve it. Why not take the opportunity to meet new people while practicing the complex steps? Lucia and Gerry are advanced tango dancers with several years experience of teaching the defined art. If they can’t teach you, no one will.

Boca Jrs Stadium, Buenos Aires Argentina

Watch an Argentinian Football Match. Welcome to the crazy world that is Argentine football. Whether mundane or bizarre experiences, you can be assured to not have any dull moments here. Go to a game and you will see why. If you are in town during football season (which is anytime but January and February) make sure to inquire for fixations. Transport to and from the game, as well as entrance tickets, can be arranged by Experience Argentina.


Go to Uruguay. Colonia del Sacramento is only one hour away with boat. In 1995, the small town was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO for its beauty and architectural charm. It is a lovely village, surrounded by nature, of narrow streets and historic buildings. The tour leaves early in the morning and includes transportation, from and back to Buenos Aires, a guided tour with lunch included in Colonia.


Polo lesson (on horse). Get the theoretical explanation of the game and improve your technique to play. Never rode a horse before? The necessary instructions and professional grooms will be at your disposal! After the practice you will get to try out your new found knowledge in a game, and then an Argentinean style Barbecue awaits. All equipment is included and transport to and from the ranch will be arranged.

For booking, information on prices or availability, and more activities, please visit www.experienceargentina.com or contact the bilingual staff directly at info@experienceargentina.com.

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